About Me

Born from a less innovative geography, but determined to bring innovation to his world, extremely passionate about anything to do with computers such that he pursued an IT qualification, majoring in web development. One of his ultimate goals is to independently and globally run an IT company, and his major short term goal is to know as much as he can about the broader context of web designing and development. He is a focused individual who would do anything to keep things together. He is that type of a guy who has his family as his number one priority, his mother to be precise, regarding the fact that he was raised solely by her.

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My Career

To study something to deal with computers , technology an internet was my childhood dream ,Such that on 2011 i went to TUT to study IT my first year was all about IT as hole e.g Technical , programming and End User . It was my first time to do programming when i get to TUT because at my high school they didn't offer it , I found it interesting to the extend that i decided to continue with programing on my first year dispite the fact that i did'nt do it at high school , web development was then my mojoring specialisation and i managed to finish all my model on 2013 , im a proud Web and Application Design and Developer and i can develop any kind of website.

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